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eQuiera: E-Procurement Ecosystem And Business Solutions

Equierasolutions on TECHNOLOGY - This is a modal This is a modal This is a modal This is a modal This is a modal This is a modalThis is a moEquiera is an online e-procurement ecosystem which helps companies save "time, Money & Resources" on thier procurement or sales processes. Equiera eprocurement ecosystem consists of the following pillars a reverse auction platform with multi-attribute analysis capability to make procurement data backed and quick as well as custom technical and commercial templates to design your tender quickly and efficiently . A forward auction platform for sellers to sell thier goods in bulk and a shop section for sellers to showcase the goods or products that they would like to sell.
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Healthy Whole Grain Cookies for the Whole Family – Modern Housewives

JaneWilson911 on HOME PRODUCT - Finding a healthy and tasty snack, that would fit everyone’s preferences, is a very hard task, at least in my home. Both my husband and my daughter are chocolate freaks, but I’m more into some healthier alternatives. Most dessert recipes nowadays contain lots of sugar, which makes them delicious, but full of calories, which is not good for us. Once you have kids, you start to think twice what you eat and what you give your loved ones. Nowadays we have such a wide variety of ingredients that it’s not so difficult to come up with something that will have a high nutritional value, and won’t leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Here is a simple recipe for whole-grain cookies that fits into the description.

HTML and CSS web design |best web design company

Amazeamutha on TECHNOLOGY - Web designers offers professional services on website designs to help you successfully plan, create, maintain and market your web development project. Amazepixels responsive website development company in chennai, to make your website mobile-friendly responsive design has to be followed which is done through our concern. Hire web developer, hire wordpress developer, hire PHP developer, and hire full time programmers to get a digital make over your online business at just $12/hour in Amazepixels Technologies.Best logo designs for your website will be designed by Amazepixels Technologies. We develop simple, attractive, professional logo designs in Chennai.

Web Application Design | Web Application Design Services

Amazeamutha on TECHNOLOGY - This is a time of the internet. As the internet is the prime way of communication around the globe, most of the businesses realized this and have decided to take advantage of this new platform. With HTML and CSS your website will be more interactive and being a best front-end development company we provide excellent HTML and CSS web design. Amazepixels responsive website development company in chennai, to make your website mobile-friendly responsive design has to be followed which is done through our concern.

Quartz slab in mumbai , Quartz slab in Bangalore

babaquartz on HEALTH & FITNESS - We - BABA QUARTZ is the original quartz grit & filler manufacturer is headquartered in Rajasthan province in India. We have independent distributors across all part of world to serve our customers. With one state-of-the-art production sites of 40000 sq meter with fourteen fully automated production lines BABA QUARTZ has an annual capacity of over 75000 mt of quartz grits & fillers. Baba Quartz, Quartz In India, The Largest Quartz Manufacturer In North India, Quartz Manufacturer In India, Best Quartz Manufacturer In India, New Generation Stone, Shreegopal Goyal - Baba Quartz, Anil Goyal - Baba Quartz, Abhishek Goyal - Baba Quartz, Anup Goyal - Baba Quartz, Sangam Goyal - Baba Quartz, Granite Manufacturer and Supplier in India, Quartz manufacturer and supplier in India, White Quartz, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers in India, Quartz exporters from India, India's Largest Quartz exporters - BABA QUARTZ, India's Largest Quartz Manufacturer In North India, Quartz Countertops for Kitche

Shadithya hospital de-addiction services|Alcohol|Drugs

Amazeamutha on HEALTH & FITNESS - In our de-addiction clinics we do detoxification and de-addiction services for alcohol and drug related problems, physical and mental health. In memory clinic our health care professionals do memory assessment service to find out memory loss symptoms. Dementia, memory loss disease. Shadithya Hospital - Home Treatment Team (HTT) includes a multidisciplinary psychiatric doctors / nurses to support people with psychiatric or mental problems at their homes. Shadithya hospital at Pallavaram, Chennai provides the psychiatric care for better mental health through telepsychiatry treatment. Very useful for patients who are immobile or cannot visit the hospital for various other reasons

Shadithya hospital - Smoking Cessation Clinic

Amazeamutha on HEALTH & FITNESS - Our team of doctors, clinical psychologists and smoking cessation therapist offer expert assessment, treatment and support to help people stop smoking and maximize recovery. Our sleep clinic service offer expert assessment and treatment to people with sleep disorders or with insomnia. Team includes a doctor, clinical psychologist and a sleep therapist. To Periodical stress management, breathing techniques and relaxation training in Stress Management Clinic contact stress management therapist at Shadithya hospital.