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7 Tips to Improve Your Eyesight FAST! | Self Awakening

Royghosh on HEALTH & FITNESS - Not that long ago, eyesight deterioration and strain was primarily caused by natural aging. Today, however, screens and artificial lights have piled on.

As a result, eye doctors say that the general rate of vision deterioration is accelerating at an alarming pace. How alarming? Well, 35-year-olds are popping up with the sort of eye damage that was once seen in 75-year-olds. I’ve been wearing glasses for more than 12 years. I know the struggle of dealing with vision loss and I’m sure many of you do too. And while it might seem like there’s nothing that can be done except getting stronger glasses prescriptions every now and again, there actually are ways to combat vision loss and prevent further damage. Check out these 7 exercises!To read full article click title or visit link

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